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The Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre board and staff are pleased to honour Sonia Palmer our Mental Health and Outreach Worker for her handmade masks initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sonia was able to put her exceptional sewing skills to use for the health and safety of our community members during COVID-19. Using many bright, colourful and beautiful fabrics, Sonia has made over 250 fabric masks to be distributed to community members.  The masks include smaller sizes for kids and patterns such as batman, skull and crossbones and floral designs.  The masks are now being distributed to families, included in Sonia’s elders care packages, handed out in hygiene kits to people who are living without shelter and those at risk of homelessness.

“I’m hoping that the masks will take a bit of the anxiety away for people who are feeling scared right now. I think the masks are bringing some comfort for people and I just hope everyone can stay healthy and take care. Wash your hands always and take care of each other especially the elders in your family” says Sonia Palmer.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been much discussion about the use of masks.  What we know is that if you are worried that you may have the virus, or just want to take extra precautions, a mask is a good way to do this. It is now widely agreed by health authorities that wearing a mask can protect those around you from any tiny droplets that may contain the virus. 

We are not used to wearing masks and it can feel strange to wear one or see someone wearing a mask. However, during this pandemic, wearing a mask can be seen as a sign of respect for one another. Because we know that wearing a mask is mostly about not passing on germs to those around us, wearing a mask is a way to show respect for others. In other words, “I wear a mask to protect you, and you wear a mask to protect me!”

We also know that while we are all doing our very best to stay one moose length apart from people outside of our immediate family, this is not always possible. If you find yourself in a situation where you may not be able to keep physical distance, a mask is very valuable.

Tips for use of handmade masks

If you choose to wear a mask, it is important that proper etiquette is followed to ensure that the use of the mask reduces risk of passing on illness. The advice on wearing masks is simple and easy to follow:

  • Always wash your hands after removing your mask
  • Wash your mask after each use
  • Dry mask in the dryer or in the sun to ensure it is clean before each use
  • Avoid adjusting or touching your face while wearing your mask

To learn more about our handmade masks, contact: 250-847-5211.