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HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Diana Omondi

Diana Omondi

HIV/AIDS Awareness Worker

250-847-5211 Ext: 209

Email: hiv-aids@dzelkant.com 

Diana Omondi began working at DZE L’ KAN’T Friendship Centre in September 2019. Originally from Kenya, Diana now lives in Smithers with her husband and children.

Diana studied Counselling Psychology with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS. This work has involved educating and counselling people on facts and misconceptions and awareness. Her experience includes both pre-test and post-test counselling.

Diana has personally felt the pain of losing loved ones and even closest relatives through HIV/AIDS. From this experience she developed a passion for educating people about this illness and how to prevent it. Diana is a very open and caring person and her hope is that as a community we can work together to increase awareness.

The HIV/AIDS Awareness Program delivers non-judgmental services, activities and information to all people about HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other STI’s. The program and its partners focus on increasing awareness of transmission, demystifying experiences, and encouraging testing. Come in to check out what’s going on!