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Health Care Pregnancy Program

Brianna Huisman, LPN

Brianna Huisman, LPN

In-Reach Worker, Healthy Care Pregnancy Program

Email: Inreach@dzelkant.com
Phone: 250-877-1175

Brianna Huisman is a Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN) who has worked within Northern Health for the last 9 years as a healthcare assistant.

Joins the Friendship Centre with extensive experience working in primary healthcare clinics in a wide range of countries and remote communities including Malawi and Malaysia as well as in working in remote Aboriginal communities in Kimberly, Australia.

Born and raised in Smithers, BC, Brianna is passionate about women’s health, in particular supporting healthy pregnancy and infants within rural and remote communities and is currently training to become a doula.

Brianna believes in the importance of integrating physical and mental health for overall wellbeing and is undertaking training to provide neurofeedback services at the Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre.

The goal of the Pregnancy In-reach Program is to support & assist pregnant women that have or currently using substances to assist in harm reduction and the healthiest outcome/quality of life for both mom and baby. This program provides a range of quality services with a focus on connecting the family to community supports and BCAPOP Program members.