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Youth Employment Worker


Martin Naziel

Culture is Alive, Youth Employment Worker

(250) 847-5211 Ext: 205

Martin Naziel of the Gitdumden (Bear) clan, Wet’suwet’en Nation, was born into the Cassyex (Grizzly house). Martin enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family, and friends, hiking or going for walks with our dogs, gaming online, or jamming with friends. He plays the guitar and drums and loves to travel for concerts, mostly heavy metal. Martin is passionate about learning more of the hinic (language) of his people as his mother is fluent.

The Youth Employment worker, located at the Learning Hub, connects local indigenous youth with each other, social supports and positive experiences.
Key goals of the program include:
– connecting youth with learning and employment opportunities in the community.
– providing regular drop in program activities that include creative, cultural, land based, and food workshops.
– offering a point of connection for youth to take the first steps towards training and employment opportunities in the community.
– providing job shadowing and mentorship to the youth as well as workshops, training, and work experience.