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Upcoming Workshop in Houston Friendship Centre for Housing Clients

January 19th 2022 – Food Storage Hacks

A workshop on ways to keep your produce fresher for longer! Helps to keep your fridge more organized and your spending reduced. By preventing food waste, we also help the environment.

January 26th 2022 – Meal Plan Workshop

A workshop to help families and single people create healthy meal plans to follow a budget and some recipes.

February 2nd 2022 – Nutrition Workshop: Blue Zones

If you have ever heard about Blue Zones, they are the areas where people have the longest life spans. There are 9 rules to a longer and healthier life I will discuss further in my workshop.

February 9th 2022 – Valentine Trinket Plate

A fun workshop craft to create for your family or a significant other. Trinket dishes are also a good way to prevent small items from being lost. You put your small important items for the week in them and put the items away properly on your reset day.

If you would like to sign up or would like more information call 250-845-2131 or email houston.housing@gmail.com

  • – Dustyn Standbridge