Aboriginal Hospital Liaison

 Lola Kemp

Lola Kemp

Aboriginal Patient Liaison

250-847-5211 x214

Lola has joined the Friendship Center with an educational background including a Bachelor of Cultural Anthropology specializing in Indigenous studies. In addition to working together with different Indigenous populations in the world, Lola has served as an Art Therapy facilitator and Ritual Work practitioner.

Her compassionate approach, which blends with a deep understanding of confidentiality, makes her a great ally on your health care journey.


The Aboriginal Patient Liaison Program provides assistance to First Nations patients, clients, and families, whether in the hospital or the community. The Program offers one-on-one and family visits to discuss health concerns, meetings with care providers to identify needs for culturally-specific care, cultural education to health care professionals, and is able to provide essentials while in the hospital such as toothpaste, diapers, etc. Along with Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and others, the Aboriginal Patient Liaison Worker is a member of your Health Care Team.